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October 15, 2012 by NewsReputation


Excerpts from the article


Pull out the ibuprofen, Redmond: it looks like theantitrust headache that bothered Microsoft for years in Europe may be coming back: the European Commission is preparing to bring charges against the company worth billions of euros because Microsoft has failed to implement an effective way of offering users alternatives to Microsoft’s Internet Explorer browser on Windows-powered devices, according to a report in the German-language Der Spiegel

After Microsoft had been fined over $2 billion (€1.64 billion) by the European Competition Commissioner because the regulators ruled that it was being anticompetitive by bundling its Internet Explorer browser software with its operating system across millions of PCs sold in the European Union over several years, in 2009 the two sides reached a settlement. Part of that settlement involved Microsoft agreeing to give consumers a clear way of choosing another browser in the future in future versions of its Windows OS. But apparently Microsoft failed to do this with a subsequent version of Windows 7 that was distributed and activated 28 million times.

This is an ongoing investigation into that failure, and when it first surfaced in June, Microsoft acknowledged the error, saying that it had “fallen short” of expectations and that it had “deep regret” over the mistake. At the time, Joaquin Almunia, the current European Competition Commissioner, said: “We take compliance with our [original antitrust] decision very seriously. If the infringement is confirmed, there will be sanctions.”


Microsoft says that it will get us a response for this story as soon as possible, and we will update as we learn more. We have also reached out to the European Commission for a comment.



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